Instantly Create Professional Music Videos for Your Songs.

Musician Video Maker is a tool for Mac OS X that lets musical artists create professional-style music videos from live performance footage. 


Built with love by Woowave DreamSync, LLC.
A team of former musicians and video editors.

Works with any camera or smartphone video footage

Record yourself performing on stage or collect live footage from your fans. 

Then, drop all that footage into Musician Video Maker and watch the magic happen.

Simple “Drag & Drop” functionality.

We built Musician Video Maker from the artist’s perspective; making it easier than ever to create amazing video content and music videos to share with your fans.

Musician to “video editor”
in 5 minutes.

Musician Video Maker performs insanely fast sync recognition scans thru your footage.

The software places every live recorded clip in perfect synchronization with your song’s studio recorded track or soundboard audio track captured during performance.

“Click to Cut” magic. 

Musician Video Maker syncs all your live performance camera footage and displays the results in a 12-up window viewer.

Press “Play” to watch all video angles play back in real-time.

Click on camera angles to create your music video as you watch playback.

Crank it to 11.

You’ve already got enough on your plate while writing music, booking the next show, and recording your latest songs.

Let Musician Video Maker do all the hard work so you can focus on what really matters… rocking out. 

Add color filters to individual clips in real-time

Manipulate the color of each video cut with the color calibration tool in real-time!
Copy color filters and paste them on to other clips to give your debut visual story a signature style.



Make changes to your video cuts as needed.

Need to switch camera angles while creating your visual masterpiece? No problem. 

Use the “Go to edit” option in the menu bar, or simply use the shortcut:
+ [right or left arrow keys]
and click on a different clip to replace the current frame.

Export your music video to share it with the world.

Use the built-in Render feature to export and share your music video creation with the world on YouTube, FaceBook, MySpace, and everywhere your fans will see it.

Give Your Music the Visual Story it Deserves.